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Benefit News

New Explanation of Benefits
Salary Benefit Helpful Hints
2016 IN Tek Annual Pension Plan Funding Notice
2016 IN Kote Annual Pension Plan Funding Notice
Defined Benefit Plans_Form 5500
Tek Kote Salaried Benefits Summary
Tek Kote Salaried Benefits Information Summary

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Benefit Descriptions

Armed Forces Reserve Policy
AM USA Inc Pension Plan
AM USA LLC Savings and Investment Plan
Flexible Spending Account SPD
Pension Incorporation Agreement
Personal Retirement Account Plan - Non BU

Benefit Providers


Web site


Salaried UnitedHealthcare Options PPO 800-367-7125

Note: You must call UMR Care Management for inpatient hospital stay pre-certification at 888-494-4502

Salaried Optum Bank 866-234-8913
Salaried Value Options (non-union) 800-332-2214
Hourly Sponsor for Medical, Dental & Vision
Steelworkers Health & Welfare Fund
Hourly Medical: Highmark BCBS 866-267-3280
Hourly Dental: United Concordia 866-267-3280
Hourly Vision: Davis Vision 866-267-3280
Hourly FSA: 877-310-3539
Hourly Eligibility: 866-268-3489
Hourly Spousal Reimb: 888-999-7741
Both Rx Retail & Mail Order: Caremark 800-925-5795
Both UMR (Set up a UMR Account)
UMR (Member Login)
Both Fidelity Investments

800-354-6551 for 401(k)
800-354-6551 for salaried savings plan

Both ArcelorMittal Pension Service Center 888-279-6025
Both Perspectives, Ltd. 800-456-6327